About Porthcawl Chamber of Trade

Porthcawl Chamber of Trade has served the town and business community of Porthcawl for at least one hundred and twenty five years. A town guide was produced by the then Chamber in 1905.

Throughout its chequered history the individuals representing the businesses forming the Chamber have contributed in many ways to the life of Porthcawl town, at the same time enhancing and developing the business community of Porthcawl.

Over the years the name has moved around. The “and Commerce” part of the name was dropped many years ago, and then “And District” was added and then later removed, but “Chamber of Trade” remained as an established and recognised organisation.

Although Porthcawl Chamber of Trade is not affiliated to the National Institution and is not itself a charity it, nonetheless, is recognised and respected locally.

Interestingly, there are members who have encountered other Chambers of Trade when visiting other towns, as it is active throughout the English-speaking world. One member recalls being invited to meet the officers and committee of the Chamber of Trade for dinner in Bombay! (todays Mumbai).

The Chamber is a voluntary, non-political organisation of members, working together for the further development and interests of business in the Porthcawl district through:

  • Discussion of matters brought to the attention of the Chamber by its members.
  • Discussion and negotiation with neighbouring Chambers of Trade.
  • Discussion and negotiation with the local authority through its officers and members.

Over recent years a working relationship has built up with Porthcawl Town Council, Bridgend County Borough Council and the Welsh Assembly Government.

The Chamber has previously worked with Porthcawl Town Council looking at ways of attracting visitors to the town and assisting with Council projects through representation on the Council’s (now disbanded) Tourism and Events Committee.
Past Chamber projects include:

  • Promoting Porthcawl on Bridge FM Radio
  • Setting up and launching the Porthcawl Loyalty Card
  • Running Christmas Window Competition
  • Setting up this Chamber of Trade website
  • Porthcawl Summer Festival 2015 – 2016 – 2017 – 2018
  • Porthcawl Christmas Winter Wonderland 2015 – 2016 -2017
  • Chamber of Trade Porthcawl Christmas Cracker Event 2018

There are members of the chamber that work very hard giving their time free of charge to make the Chamber an organisation we can be proud of. Without these members the Chamber would not exist.

The Chamber is an organisation of people and not a business or company. Any member can get involved if they wish, the more that do the better the result.


The Chamber’s Elected Officers for 2022/23

Margaret Minhinnick
Elen Jones
Vice President
Alun Edwards
Sarah Watkins

Porthcawl Chamber of Trade Presidents from 1944

1944Russell Mabley
1946C B Bragg
1949FC Balcome
1950Alec Stanton Jones
1951RP Turberville Deere
1952TJS Stephens
1953W L Stone
1954MB Bragg
1955RC Fry
1965-66David Philpot MBE
1967Jack Bridge
1968Roy Ashman
1969David Philpot
1970Trevor Protheroe
1971-72James E Theodore
1972Jack Bridge
1973John Eastment
1974Robert J Lewis
1975David Deere
1976Roy Jones
1977Roy Ashman
1978Alan Balkwill
1979John C Richardson
1980Tony Schofield
1981John Cornthwaite
1982Nigel Roberts
1983Jack Bridge
1984Tudor Greaves
1985Paul Harris
1986Ray K Buckley
1987Graham E Jones
1988Kay Smart
1989Phillip George
1990David Morgan
1991Chris B Smart
1992Kay Middleton
1993Jean Barraclough
1994Jean Schofield
1995Kay Middleton
1996Huw Davies
1997-8Gail Ralph
1999Peter C Fenton
2000Pauline Eynon
2001-4Colin Evans
2005Paul Fielding
2006Alun Edwards
2007Paul Fielding
2008Alun Edwards
2009-10F Lyndsey Morgan
2012Paul Fielding
2015-16 Les Tallon-Morris
2017-18Robert Lee
2019Michelle L Smith
2020 – PresentMargaret Minhinnick