Minutes 21 Nov 2023

Minutes of the Porthcawl Chamber of Trade meeting held on Tuesday 21st November 2023 at the Green Room

Present: Margaret Minhinnick (President), Alun Edwards, Sharon Edwards, Jon Hurley

In Attendance: Sarah Watkins

1. Welcome all and Sarah Watkins as new PCOT Secretary

The President welcomed Members present and Sarah Watkins the new Porthcawl Chamber of Trade Secretary to the meeting.

2. Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from:- John Berry and Elen Jones.

3. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting

Margaret Minhinnick advised that she would follow up on the Co-op membership as discussed at the last meeting.

It was requested that Jon Hurley places some photographs on the Chamber website in respect of the Remembrance Service. Margaret Minhinnick to provide the information and corresponding photographs to Jon Hurley.

Members were informed that the e-mail problem had been fixed and that all e-mails can now be sent with no issues.

The minutes of the last meeting held on September 12th 2023 were approved.

4. Matters arising – not on the agenda

It was suggested that the ‘welcome’ and ‘apologies’ that has previously been placed on each agenda should be one item for the two headings on any future agendas.

5. Correspondence

Correspondence received from Billy Stark, Principal Regeneration Officer, BCBC in relation to the Placemaking Strategy. Two representatives from each organisation are invited to attend their scheduled meeting on Tuesday 12th December 2023 at the Hi-Tide. It was agreed that Alun and Sharon Edwards would attend the afternoon session on behalf of the Porthcawl Chamber of Trade, Sarah Watkins to respond to Billy Stark accordingly. In the meantime, Margarget Minhinnick and Alun Edwards to liaise together to determine core questions that can also be asked at the meeting. It was suggested that a questionnaire could be devised and distributed to each shop to gather any further questions that can be raised at the Placemaking Strategy meeting.

It was discussed about the Executive Chamber Members and the Secretary having business cards. Jon Hurley to organise some blank business cards with the Chamber logo so that personal contact details can be placed on them. A costing for the cards was given at £30.00 for 500 cards and requested that the invoice be sent directly to Alun Edwards as the Treasurer for payment.

Margaret Minhinnick provided an update that Jacob Lawrence, Principal Planning Officer at BCBC is now in a position to publish the Open Spaces Concept Design Report and that he had thanked all the groups who had responded.

6. Events and Chamber meeting’s schedule: a) Victorian Day Dec 2nd b) Best dressed Xmas Window Competition c) Xmas tree for All Saints d) Xmas Social?

Margaret Minhinnick advised that Sussed and Sustainable Wales were planning to provide games, cakes, mulled wine amongst other items as part of the Town Council Christmas event taking  place on Saturday 2nd December, however, it was noted that no inclusion had been made for Sussed and Sustainable Wales on the promotional materials for the event. It was advised that permission had been sought from the Highways department at BCBC for the closure of James Street for the event but currently with no fruition.

Sarah Watkins to establish as to whether Porthcawl Town Council had previously been sent a request for funding towards the Christmas Window Competition for 2023 and to contact the Council if required. The prize monies agreed as in previous years is £100 1st prize, £50 2nd prize and £25 3rd prize.

Jon Hurley to devise 100 promotional leaflets, A5 size, for distribution to each business encouraging them to dress their windows for Christmas 2023.

Alun Edwards to check condition of the Chamber tree in readiness for the Porthcawl Rotary Tree Festival scheduled on 4th December at All Saints Church.

Agreed for the Christmas Social evening to be held on Wednesday 13th December at 7.30pm in the Green Room above Sussed and that everyone brings some drink and food to be shared. Jon Hurley to promote the social evening on the Chamber website.

7. Update: Communications – Website content, comms strategy, membership development etc

It was agreed to remove the standing order mandate on the Chamber website and that Jon Hurley replaces this with details on how paying members can make an online bank transfer instead.

Discussions took place surrounding the different levels of membership.

Margaret mentioned the filming she has been involved in regarding Climate Change which included Green shops, eg. Pantribox, Balsa Surf, This is Beer and SUSSED. She suggested that this  work could be expanded, with interviews from the local traders – but we would need a grant, she would think more about this.

Also mentioned was made of the incoming Welsh Government Workplace Recycling Laws April 2024 for business to develop separation at source approaches and a discussion ensued.

Suggested a trial Chamber Facebook page where members of the public could leave feedback targeted to local businesses.

Jon Hurley and Elen Jones to liaise with regards to membership development.

8. Guest speaker SUSSED:- switches account and reduces energy bills – Peter Morgan explains how business can purchase renewable energy and save money

Peter Morgan was not in attendance at the meeting as this item is currently on hold. It was discussed that savings could be made for electric costs via using renewable energy and that businesses who are members could potentially opt to sign up to a deal via the Chamber if they are not tied into an energy contract at that time. It was agreed that this item should be deferred to a future meeting for consideration.

9. Any other business

No other business was discussed.

10. Date of next meeting

Tuesday 16th January 2024 at 6.45pm.


Meeting closed at 8.55pm