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We are a voluntary group of independent Porthcawl traders coming together for the interests of businesses and shoppers.

We link directly with Porthcawl Town Council and Bridgend Borough Council and can convey traders’ concerns.

On occasions we plan events together, sharing the responsibility, to encourage activities for the community.

We also take time to respond to local issues (like regeneration of Porthcawl) and ones of national concern like covid, the environment (climate and ecological emergency) and the economy.

Our aim is to help maintain a vibrant, prosperous town for future generations and for us all to enjoy, whether we are shopping or socialising.

Margaret Minhinnick

Shop Local

Shopping locally will keep more money circulating thus maintaining a diverse and distinctive range of shops and activities. It helps build local economies, is human scale, strengthens communities and cuts pollution.



Above was our last pre-Covid event, which was supported with funding by Bridgend Borough Council...


What We Do

Porthcawl Chamber of Trade is a voluntary, non-political organisation of members, working together for the interest...


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Porthcawl Chamber of Trade is a voluntary, non-political organisation of members, working together for the interest ...

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new vision sets out how the Welsh Government, the retail sector and trade unions will work together to develop a successful, innovative, sustainable and resilient sector retail is Wales’ biggest private sector employer, providing jobs to more than 114,000 people across the
A small group of Porthcawl Traders gathered together  in SUSSED to enjoy the start of the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations. Thank you Porthcawl Town Council for the Jubilee cake and Elen Jones for Jeniphers Coffi – fairly traded all the way from Uganda,
Available to order from SUSSED cotton reusable bunting 3m for £14.99 handmade in Porthcawl by Cwtchable Creations. Also there is Welsh Flag Bunting available to local businesses. Please arrange collection and return with SUSSED. SUSSEDJames StreetPorthcawl Tel: 01656 783962
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What's in a name?

Porth is a common Welsh word meaning “harbour” and cawl here may refer  to “sea kale”, which must have grown in profusion or even been collected here. However according to local folk etymology, cawl here is a corruption of Gaul, and that the area was an ancient landing point for Gaulish and Breton, or later Frankish and Norman knights.