Minutes 7th March 2024

Minutes of the Porthcawl Chamber of Trade meeting held on Thursday 7th March 2024 at the Green Room

Present: Margaret Minhinnick (President), Alun Edwards,

Jon Hurley.

In Attendance: Sarah Watkins

  1. Welcome and apologies for absence

Margaret Minhinnick, Chamber President welcomed Members present. Apologies were received from Elen Jones.

  1. Approval of minutes of the meeting held on 16th January 2024

M Minhinnick mentioned the email from David Swidenbank which said he thought it was recognised that the Town Council were in charge of the Christmas Event and not the Museum. Margaret responded to say that the minutes conveyed the discussion that Members were confused and dismayed as to who was in charge of organising the Victorian Christmas Event last year.

The minutes of the meeting held on 16th January 2024 were approved by members present.

  1. Correspondence and Members additions

Members were provided with correspondence received from Bargain Booze which provided details on the serious current issues that they are facing with shoplifters targeting their business and discussion took place on the ways that the Chamber could assist. It was agreed that M Minhinnick would initially forward the e-mail from Bargain Booze to Andrew Highway, Town Centre Manager to seek some guidance on this matter. It was further discussed about security guards patrolling town and CCTV – A Edwards to contact Rhiw Centre Manager, Rachel Bell, to seek some information on how they operate in Bridgend and report back to the next meeting.

It was discussed that the Hillsboro Access route, due to ongoing works in Salt Lake car park, has been blocked by rubble. Agreed that M Minhinnick would

contact BCBC to request that appropriate directional town signage be put in place for guidance and safety for members of the public.

M Minhinnick advised that the Green Top Market will be remaining in Hillsboro and not in town as this is their preferred venue, and that the Porthcawl Chamber of Trade are unable to have their voice heard regarding the venue.

Members were provided with correspondence relating to a drop-in session and public consultation on the future developments of Porthcawl town centre which is due to be held on 14th March between 9am-7.00pm at Trinity Church.

Members were informed that a thank you letter had been received from Ty Hafan in respect of the £25.00 gift donation from the Porthcawl Chamber of Trade.

Members discussed about the Christmas trees provisions for the local businesses in terms of establishing alternative ways to fund the trees this year to reduce some of the financial burden on the local authority. It was agreed that S Watkins sends an e-mail to Andrew Highway, Town Centre Manager, to gather his thoughts on this matter.

  1. Update on AGM Annual Report and Accounts

M Minhinnick advised that she had drafted the Annual Report and would circulate to J Hurley to devise a power point for the website from the information provided.

A Edwards provided Members with a set of accounts and advised that he would forward to J Hurley to place on the Chamber website.

S Watkins to email nomination form to members as soon as possible.

  1. Update events/review forthcoming and past activities:-

St Davids Day

It was advised that St David’s Day bunting had been placed on the bandstand and had also been distributed to each of the local businesses who requested them. The bunting now needs to be collected from each of the shops who received them. M Minhinnick advised that an additional 6 more Welsh flag bunting could be made in readiness for next year as more shops seem interested.

Timetable and planning for the yearly/annual schedule

It was discussed about having a Christmas social mid-December.

It was discussed that the publications for the Christmas Window Competition going forward should be sent out during the month of October to encourage the local businesses to get involved. To establish with Porthcawl Town

Council Mayor the date for presenting of the certificates to the winners of the Christmas Window Competition.

AGM – Date of meeting, Guest Speaker and Social Evening

It was agreed that the AGM should be held on 23rd April at 7.00pm at the YMCA this year. Members should be asked to bring snacks and drinks to share. S Watkins to book the venue for the AGM.

Members felt that it could possibly be a conflict of interest for a Town Councillor becoming a President of the Chamber of Trade.

It was advised that Sarah Murphy MS would only be able to attend for one hour in April at 5pm for the Chamber AGM and that an alternative speaker should be sought. Following discussion, it was agreed that A Edwards would contact Biffa to enquire as to whether or not they would be able to come along to the AGM to discuss the new recycling legislation and M Minhinnick would make enquiries of the same nature with ‘Wrap’ and will report back to the next meeting.

  1. PCOT Communications Development – Website content, comms strategy, membership development etc

A Edwards advised that new software had been set up in order to simplify the e-mailing process to all the Chamber Members.

S Watkins advised that she had updated the membership list by gathering information from the local shops and had sent the amended list to A Edwards.

It was agreed that all businesses who are no longer Members of the Chamber of Trade should be removed from the website so that it can be updated to illustrate the current Members. J Hurley to devise a form that can be circulated around the local shops to establish some new membership for the Chamber of Trade. A Edwards and J Hurley to take the forms around the shops.

Members discussed that the Chamber website and social media should be linked up together for promotional purposes to benefit all the local shops.

  1. Date of next meeting

Thursday 21st March 2024 at 6.45pm.

Meeting closed at 9.00pm