Minutes of AGM 15th March 2022

Held at the Y-Centre, John Street, Porthcawl

Present:  Margaret Minhinnick (President), Alun Edwards (Treasurer), Mark Morgan, John Berry BEM, Peter Fenton, Sharon Edwards, Elin Jones, Jonathan Hurley, Cllr Tracy Hill, Bridget Hall (Minutes)

1. Opening Address

Margaret welcomed members and gave a report of on the previous year.

2. Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Lorrie Desmond-Williams, David Swidenbank and Gemma Lewis.

3. To accept the minutes of the last AGM

The Minutes of the AGM 2019 were accepted.  (There was no AGM in 2020 or 2021 due to the pandemic.)

4. To approve the End of Year Accounts

Alun circulated the end of year financial accounts.  These were approved. 

6. To appoint Auditors for the forthcoming year

Alun requested approval to reappoint the Auditors for the forthcoming year.  This motion was approved without objection.  It was requested that a letter of thanks be sent to the accountants for their services.  

7. Annual Report

John circulated an Annual Report, which he had prepared, outlining the events and activities of the Chamber for the previous year.  John hoped that members would find it interesting, and Bridget agreed to circulate it to members that were not in attendance.  

John thanked Bridget for her work during the last two years and keeping the Chamber active, without such help he felt the Chamber would have floundered.

Peter commented that it had been a difficult two years with the pandemic and also thanked Bridget for her hard work in keeping communications going.  

John particularly wanted to thank BCBC and Andrew Highway for their support and Cllr Tracy Hill for her dedication and hard work in helping the Chamber during her period as Council liaison officer with the Chamber of Trade.

8. Website

Jon displayed the new website and logo.  Members were complimentary and thought it was an excellent result.  The new logo was approved.

9. Election of Officer

Following consideration of the voting papers, Bridget announced the results of the election of Chamber of Trade Officers, as follows:

President  Margaret Minhinnick

Vice President Elin Jones

Hon Treasurer Alun Edwards

Executive Peter Fenton

John Berry BEM

Mark Morgan

Lorrie Desmond-Williams

Alun congratulated Margaret on her election as President and Elin as Vice-President and handed over the chain of office to Margaret. 

10. Closing Remarks

Margaret thanked members for voting her and looked forward to her term of office. 

The AGM was closed.