A visit to the future

After the Cenin Renewables, Stormy Down visit, organised for the Porthcawl Chamber of Trade, Gemma Christie, from The Pantri Box said:

“No one can say I don’t spoil my kids! I treated them to an evening of learning about Cenin Renewables, just down the road in Stormy Down.

When I told Cosy we were going to see what clean energy and the future looked like, she was most disappointed that there were no flying cars and that we were all still walking on two legs. But they managed to conceal it.

All the adults, however, found it very impressive and super interesting. And I for one wondered why we, as a town, weren’t shouting from the Pavilion rooftop about the fact that this wonderful plant powers, in the main, 98% of Porthcawl with its renewable energy (from wind turbines, solar and an anerobic digester)

Surely this is an accolade of which Porthcawl should be incredibly proud, and something we should be building on. 

Cardiff University has actually built a house there that creates 130% of the energy that it needs! Any houses to be built in the regeneration area should be their own ‘power stations’. Isn’t this something we in Porthcawl would want? Because wouldn’t that be INCREDIBLE!

Another nugget of info: all our food waste goes straight there, (from all over Wales infact), gets pulped up and turned into a very effective and powerful fertiliser for local farmers.”

About 20 local people joined the tour and presentation, which was excellent and delivered by Martyn Popham, the man behind this wonderful cluster of renewables.

Knowing that Cenin’s energy comes directly into Porthcawl is wonderful, but it would be fantastic if we all as locals could purchase this energy directly at a local rate. It’s complicated, but because of how the grid infrastructure and purchasing agreements work in the UK we can’t.

Educational visits are available for schools and community groups. https://cenin.co.uk/

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