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GROUP SECRETARY required. Average 5hours per month@ living wage RSVP with relevant CV details by October 10th 2023 to

Porthcawl Chamber of Trade

Porthcawl Chamber of Trade is a voluntary, non-political organisation of members, working together for the interest and development of businesses in Porthcawl.  The organisation has working relationships with Porthcawl Town Council, Bridgend County Borough Council and the Welsh Government. 

Though the Chamber’s history relates back to the beginning of the 20th century, its aims are to continue to encourage trade within the town, whilst responding to opportunities in the digital and political world. 

Porthcawl Chamber of Trade Secretary Responsibilities.

Our new secretary’s skills will be appropriate for this modern world. The person will be advised by the President, the Treasurer and the Executive. Direct line management will be to the President and if unavailable with the Vice President.

In general, the group meet monthly for discussions, information, guest speakers, trips or for Executive decisions. 

The approach of the secretary will be mindful of the climate and the environment (reduction of paper, plastic etc, car-sharing, purchasing locally, and also offering support for shared decision-making.)

Administration includes:

The requirement to attend all Porthcawl Chamber of Trade Meetings, to take concise minutes, which will need to be circulated promptly to the executive and with the forthcoming agenda to members. Aiming also to regularly use the various social media opportunities to promote the activities of the Chamber.

To promptly forward, as necessary, any emails or messages to the President / Treasurer for actioning and collect any post from the Y Centre, Porthcawl.

To secure the venue for meetings and events.

Maintain a good relationship with the Bridgend Borough Town Centre Manager and the Porthcawl Town Council.

Support the President and arrange the AGM: date, venue, social.

Membership Support:

To maintain with the membership secretary a database of members.

To support membership development and any donations.

To help establish a wider database of supporters and keep abreast of civic links e.g. the Bridgend Borough Town Centre Manager, the Secretary of the Porthcawl Town Council and the Member of the Senedd for Bridgend Borough.

Website and Social Media:

To help contribute to keeping the PCOT website up-to-date:
Particularly ensuring the upkeep of the calendar of activities, events, the agendas and minutes of meetings.

Suggest any suitable local news items for the site: changing trading activities (e.g. plastic-free etc), arrival of new shops, festivals, celebrations, fun-runs, golf tournaments, surfing events, street events, performances, changing government requirements (trade recycling) etc.

Make use of social media to draw attention to our work and activities.

For the above services, the Secretary will be self-employed, on average for 5hours per month at the living wage monthly via Standing Order. (Occasionally the hours may exceed and payment for those projects will be at the same rate.)

Porthcawl Chamber of Trade working in partnership with Bridgend County Borough Council and Porthcawl Town Council

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