Minutes AGM 21st March 2023


Held at the Atlantic Hotel, Porthcawl

Present:  Margaret Minhinnick (President), Alun Edwards (Treasurer), Cllr Elin Jones (Vice President),  Mark Morgan, John Berry BEM, Sharon Edwards, Elen Jones, Jonathan Hurley, Cllr Robert Lee, Gemma Lewis, David Swidenbank, Chris Swidenbank, Bridget Hall (Minutes)

New member:  Kat Stonehill (Pinder Stonehill Accountancy Ltd)

1 Opening Address

Margaret welcomed members and delivered a report on Chamber activities for the previous year (attached) https://www.porthcawlchamberoftrade.co.uk/annual-report-and-agm-2022-23/

2 Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Lorrie Desmond-Williams.

3 To accept the minutes of the last AGM

The Minutes of the AGM 2022 were accepted and approved.

4 To approve the End of Year Accounts

Alun circulated the end of year financial accounts and bank account statements. These were approved.  Alun explained the pertinent points of the accounts and clarified the payments received and paid out for the Christmas Trees.  A brief discussion ensued regarding possible alternatives for next Christmas.  Rob queried whether members should be asked for a contribution towards the trees.  Bridget confirmed that Swansea traders do contribute.  Alun said that has previously posed problems with non-payment. It was agreed that this would be reviewed in good time this year, to allow for options to be properly considered and tenders to be offered.

Alun confirmed that there were 43 members, of which to date 29 were paid up members.  

5 To appoint Auditors for the forthcoming year

Alun requested approval to reappoint the Auditors for the forthcoming year.  This motion was approved without objection.  It was requested that a letter of thanks be sent to the accountants for their services, which Bridget agreed to send.

6 Secretary’s Report 

Bridget delivered a report on Chamber activities for the previous year (attached).  

7 Election of Officers

Following consideration of the voting papers, Bridget announced the results of the election of Chamber of Trade Officers, as follows:

President  Margaret Minhinnick

Vice President Elen Jones

Hon Treasurer Alun Edwards

Executive John Berry BEM

Gemma Lewis

Jonathan Hurley

Alun congratulated Margaret on her election as President and Elen as Vice-President, as well as the new Executive members.

8 Presentation – ‘What is Better Porthcawl’ by Guest Speaker, Ella Williamson, Local Sustainable Development Officer

Margaret introduced Ella and explained her role as local Sustainable Wales Sustainable Development Officer, which was Peoples’ Postcode Lottery funded.

Ella thanked the Chamber for inviting her to speak and added that she was enjoying her new role.  Ella explained that ‘Better Porthcawl’ had been set up to improve communication and engagement with BCBC in respect of the regeneration programme.  Ella hoped to also engage with Porthcawl Town Council.

Ella said that Porthcawl Civic Trust, A Vision for the Future of Porthcawl, Sustainable Wales and SUSSED had already joined Better Porthcawl and invited the Chamber of Trade to join also.

A brief discussion ensued.  Bridget commented that it would not be appropriate to take a vote on joining Better Porthcawl at the AGM, without a motion having been put forward prior to the meeting, to which all members had been informed.

Alun asked if Ella could prepare a report on objectives and aims of Better Porthcawl, which could be circulated to all members before being invited to vote on whether the Chamber should join the group.  Ella agreed to this.

9 Closing Remarks

Margaret thanked members for voting her and looked forward to her further term of office. 

The AGM was closed.

A buffet reception followed.