Minutes 6 Nov 2023

PORTHCAWL CHAMBER OF TRADE Executive meeting to meet Sarah Watkins and discuss the part-time post for Secretary. 4.45pm


Present: Margaret Minhinnick (President), Jon Hurley, Elen Jones. Alun Edwards (Treasurer), Sarah Watkins.

Apologies: Gemma Christie. 


The group were aware of the skills and experience of Sarah Watkins and her application for Part – time secretary.

The general discussion outlined some of the year’s activities and achievements and indicated the likely regular events, current problems and future hopes to develop the Porthcawl Chamber of Trade with Sarah.

Specific mention was also frank about the weak internal and also external communication ability and that this was a priority. Ideas were outlined about membership development and relationship building with the town’s traders. The exec. members also said they would also help PCOT development by offering their expertise and would welcome Sarah’s own ideas too.

Sarah expresses confidence that she would be able to help the team and was willing to accept the contract.

Elen Jones left the room and the remaining 3 voted in agreement to appoint Sarah and she then accepted. 

Margaret as President would help Sarah plan each agenda and if not available the Vice Chair, Elen Jones.

Alun as Treasurer will organise the payments to Sarah and service any invoices.

Jon will help via the website.

The next meeting: 21st Nov 6.45pm, The Green Room
Priorities outlined for the next couple of months were the Communication (external and internal), the Victorian Event Dec 2nd, the Xmas window Competition and the Xmas Social