Agenda 15th Nov 2022

The next meeting of Porthcawl Chamber of Trade will be held at 6.45pm on Tuesday 15th November 2022 at the Y-Centre, John Street, Porthcawl


  1. Welcome and apologies for absence
  2. To consider and approve the minutes of the last meeting
  3. Matters arising: 
    i)  Pakistan collection update 
    ii) website/social media training
    iii) Regeneration Scrutiny Committee outcome
  4. Financial report /membership
  5. Correspondence: 
    i)  Talk of the Town 
    ii) Porthcawl Victorian Day
  6. Bi-monthly meetings:  ideas for speakers/guests/activities
  7. Christmas Events: 
    i)  Chamber Christmas Dinner 
    ii)  Rotary /All Saints Xmas Tree
    iii) Xmas Lights 
    iv) Window competition
  8. Any Other Business