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The Porthcawl Chamber of Trade are contacting traders in Porthcawl Town Centre.  Bridgend Borough Council planning department have identified our members as being  key stakeholders in relation to the Council’s proposed  Porthcawl Town Centre Placemaking Strategy.

BCBC say that the Town Centre Placemaking Strategy is an opportunity to create a dynamic document that provides a conceptual layout to guide future growth and development for Porthcawl Town Centre, whilst respecting and reinforcing its strengths. 

A key part of the work involves identifying issues and threats which limit the full potential of the town centre and show consideration of how this can be addressed. Local stakeholders have an important role in defining such issues and threats (alongside any strengths to be further reinforced) and your input is very much welcomed.

In order to maximise the value PCOT (2 members ) can bring to the engagement session BCBC are holding which is a half-day workshop within the Hi-Tide. We would like traders comments and suggestions.  

Town Centre Threats

Town Centre Strengths

Other suggestions and comments.

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2 Responses

  1. Porthcawl Town is a small seaside town with it’s own charm, that attracts thousands of visitors every year. We need to preserve the unique character and charm of the town, wails modernizing and moving forward.

    Things I think will improve and attract investment to the Town.

    1) Improve the Bus service from and to surrounding areas, including improving services to and from Nottage and Newton.
    2) Provide suitable parking for visiting coaches & buses
    3) Have better wet weather leisure facilities, that every other town, city and village in the UK seem to have apart from Porthcawl.
    4) A minimum of 1 hour free parking at all times, so locals can visit the town for essential goods and services.
    5) Speed up the replacement banking service coming to the town. (Servicing all high street Banks)
    6) Look at the ridiculously high rents and rates charged. Making trade so difficult in John Street.

    Just a couple of points that may help with the questioner to traders.

    Best regards,

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